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Having the same problem - random messages just keep disappearing

A colleague noticed that messages are just vanishing from her inbox in front of her eyes. She was in the middle of reading one when it just disappeared! It doesn't show up in any searches or other folders. Sometimes they re-appear when she quits Mail and re-opens it, but sometimes they don't which is a huge worry. I've tried re-building mailboxes when they don't re-appear but no joy. She hasn't got any rules or filters applied.

Could it be anything to do with the 'compact mailboxes automatically' option in mail - preferences - accounts - advanced? It's greyed out so can't change it?

She's got an IMAP account and mail is controlled by an Exchange 2003 server. Recently upgraded her OS X to Snow Leopard as it was an issue on Leopard too. Posted the problem on the OS X 10.5 boards too but got no answers. Running out of ideas and i'm getting flack for not knowing what's going on or how to fix it.

Why are you doing this Mail, why?!


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