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Originally Posted by pigoo3 View Post
If you sort of have already made the decision to switch to a Mac...what would someone have to say in this thread that would really change your mind?

Also...what sort of research have you done regarding Mac's & OS X to lead you to believe that you would be better off with a Mac?

We get "switcher's" here all the time who say..."I used to be able to do 'this & this' in XP or Vista...but can't seem to do it on a Mac"...then they say, "I hate Mac's"!

Some food for thought before you "plop" down big bucks for a new Mac.

- Nick
The thing is I am still undecided on making the switch. It's not that I want to change for the sake of change but the intrusion by Vista on nearly every session is getting to be too much to ignore. If it's not updating then it wants to run a scan which really slows down the computer. I just want a computer that will let me enjoy some web surfing without constant interruption. I can remember a time when Windows wasn't constantly updating but since Vista it's been nonstop. If a Mac will eliminate it then I'll switch. If not, I guess I'll try Windows 7.
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