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I'm nervous about making the switch to Mac after using Windows based systems for 20+ years, but after Vista I may have to take the leap. My biggest gripe with Vista is the constant "automatic updates" and the virus scans that take an hour or two to run. Does the Mac have an endless need for updating like Vista has? It seems like every time I turn my laptop on I have to run an update and then shut it down so it can complete the update, and then it'll say I need to run a virus scan because I haven't done one in 7 days. It wouldn't be so bad if I had a desktop that I left on 24/7 but I hate having to spend half the time I'm surfing the web on my laptop waiting for a scan to complete or having to tell it to wait before it shuts down to complete the automatic update. Please tell me Macs don't do that. Thanks!
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