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Hey all...New to the forum and to the Mac world. Thanks for some of the great posts on here. I've been able to answer a lot of my questions just browsing through the threads. As much as I wanted to drop $1100 for a new Mac book pro, I just couldn't do it. So my first Mac had to be an ibook G4. So far, I love it way better than my PC w/ windows XP !! I picked the ibook up for 300 bucks. It has the 1.42ghz processor, new 60g hard drive, 1.5g Ram, Airport extreme, bluetooth, Leopard 10.5 OS w/ iLife, brand new top and bottom case (white of course) and new battery. Anyway, I won't bore you the that stuff too much. Just looking for your thoughts if I over payed or got a decent deal.

Also, I was wondering how may of you still have and/or are still using your ibooks? And does the ibook still meet most of your needs? I know technology has improved greatly in the Mac world since 2005-2006, but I don't use the ibook for much more than web surfing, email, itunes, photoshop, watching DVD's on the road, etc.

Anyway, you thought and feedback are much appreciated!

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