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iPhoto is an amazing tool for organization and cataloging of photos. It does not work the way Windows does, the file structure is its own, and if alterend, will not allow iPhoto to do its job. To get a better understanding of how it works, check out some of the "Getting Started" items here: Apple - Support - iPhoto

iPhoto does keep the original photo, so that at any time you can go back with your editing and start over. It keeps the most recently modified photo (not all the incremental modifications) and that is what it shows you when you are in the app. Actually, it shows you the thumbnail of the modified photo. So, yes, there is some duplication -- Originals, Modified, and Thumbnails, but this is the way the app works, and is actually a really nice feature. I have reverted to my originals several times, after I got better at editing and could make the photo look better. You can set a different software to be the external editor (Photoshop, Elements, etc.) by going to Preferences and setting it there. Then when you edit a photo from within the iPhoto app, it will be put right back where it belongs in iPhoto's library.

The best advice I can give based on my own switch five or so years ago, is to simply relax, let the machine and software do its work (unlike Windows which makes the user micro-manage everything) and give it time. You will come to realize that everything is easier with the mac, because it and the software is designed to do the work for you.

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