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Thanks for the idea. I just tried the flat, non-glossy side of a sheet of photo paper, about the same weight as you suggest, and the reduction in friction is similar to my plastic sheet setup. I like the wrist support on my old mouse pad, so I find it better. I think the plastic electrical tape on the MM "tracks" provided me the biggest improvement. Also, I'm assuming you tape the paper to your desk because when I tested it the paper moved around a bit.

So we both have found acceptable solutions to the Magic Mouse "drag" problem.

I suspect that my solution makes the "two finger swipe" even more difficult, but I don't use that function anyway. A very light one-finger swipe on the MM in either direction will to a right or left scroll. I'm wondering if Apple intentionally increased friction on the MM so that a person could do two finger swipes without moving the mouse. If so, it seems like a significant sacrifice to enable a gesture that has limited value compared to every other mouse movement that is needed.
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