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Originally Posted by chas_m View Post
Not intending to sound like a lecture, but what you really should do is purchase a retail copy of Leopard or the Leopard-edition Mac Box Set if you can find it (you can't run Snow Leopard). Leopard should be pretty cheap for a retail DVD these days, the Leopard-edition Mac Box Set would be more pricey but it includes great stuff like iLife (a MUST) and iWork (awesome), then wipe your drive (after saving your documents/music/pics/stuff of course and start over.

This will give you not only a fresh clean system that you can set up as you like, it avoids any security problems (like personal data left behind by the seller, or maybe he's logging your keystrokes -- who knows?) and clears the cruft.

Leopard + iLife/iWork 09 FTW!


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Also, Leopard is still pretty expensive. So is Tiger.
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