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Thanks to cwa107 with the pointer to MouseZoom 2.2

It makes the Apple Magic Mouse somewhat better, but does not quite do it for me, per my other post - Magic Mouse - high friction

Note that I am not very fussy about what kind of mouse I have used in the past, and I'm not a PC or Mac gamer -- I understand that those who are into gaming have much higher requirements and expectations. My expectations are for a smooth, easy to move mouse that doesn't make noise nor cause my hand to hurt after half an hour.

I'm finding the high friction of the two sliders, combined with the weight due to the two batteries, makes the mouse unacceptable. Once I put my "wow this touch/gesture thing is really cool" thoughts aside and actually used the mouse for a while, and in the last day or so have compared it with an old Logitech USB optical mouse, I find the feel of it to be inferior.

I've ordered a Logitech V470, wireless mouse and if it works out, will put my Magic Mouse in my desk drawer.

I suppose another option is to take a file to the two slider tracks and grind down a large gap on each side so that only 4 smaller points will make contact with my desk/mousepad/plastic sheet/etc. (I've tried all kinds of surfaces) to see if there is an improvement. A friend suggested put two strips of silicone tape over the two sliders -- maybe I'll try that too.

I just can't live with the excessive friction, especially side to side, created by the slider design, and when I use the mouse on a solid surface, it sounds like dragging something on sandpaper.

Have others gotten over the "wow" factor of this touch activated mouse and really compared its "feel" with another mouse or two?

Update: You might find this funny, but I just tried two kinds of 'scotch' tape, the flat invisible kind, and the old shiny kind, over top of the two sliders. The flat/transparent tape made no difference, but the shiny scotch tape did an amazing job of reducing friction and eliminating the sandpaper noise. Kind of strange that this modern, innovative mouse could benefit from a very "tacky" (pardon the pun) improvement.
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