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Hi again to both - thanks for the replys.

I'll go in order any reply to bobtomay first...

Thanks for the reply - I'll just explain that the only reason I want to keep everything HDMI is because it's an uncompressed source meaning that when actually playing a game or more importantly and perhaps more so watching a blu-ray movie you get a better picture and better quality of audio because HDMI doesn't need to compress anything when passing through the wires unlike component cables.
I do however thank you for pointing out that my idea wouldn't work as you have saved me time and money and I honestly can't thank you enough for that...

Now rzj90059 thanks for being understanding - Yes my amp works on the same principle - I was actually looking at the Onkyo but ended up going with Marantz. Obviously having the same set up as mine you can see why I wouldn't like to revert back and waste the time and money I originaly spent to get my home entertainment to do this. When I originally set mine up there was only 3 amps in the price range I could afford that had HDMI with video pass through and it was a painfully long effort trying to get someone that knew what I actually wanted - I got two amps that had HDMI input but wouldnt pass through the picture back to the T.V. to which the salesman then said ??? I dunno mate - try this place. And first go I got an amp that worked. LOL... Kinda an irrelevant story I didnt need to tell but I guess what I'm saying is I went to that effort to get what I wanted I went straight to "Z" and got it - It's just finding someone who knows and that person may just be you; so by what your saying going from component out on my amp to the PVR I should be able to record the gaming that way? This would be exactly the type of idea I'm after - Do you know for sure this would work? Very exciting...

Thats the kinda no dilly dallying around answer I was after - Thank you very, very much.

Kind Regards to both, Trev. (T-BILLIONS)

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