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Originally Posted by T-BILLIONS View Post
How to reply without getting frustrated???

Iím not going to be an *** but In order to answer the question - you need to read my posts more carefully.

I thank you for taking the time to reply but yes I have looked at the back my Playstation before and do realise that there is a spot for component input - which would seem perfect if I didn't spend thousands on having a dedicated HDMI entertainment system (as I've mentioned in my last two posts)

Now please don't get me wrong I seriously don't want to come across rude or ungrateful for your reply but I'm unsure if you've actually read MY post and by posting "Like the post above said, you WILL NOT get 1080p. With that said, use component cables instead." Show's you didn't read my question properly if at all. I do remember saying this however "now personally I'd be happy with my recorded gaming to be in HD it doesn't have to be FULL HD 1080 but if recording the game means I have to give up actually playing the game without use of my HDMI leads then I'm not into the suggestion."

Now seeing as though simultaneously running HDMI and component cables from the back of the playstation also wouldn't work (if that's what you were maybe trying to imply?) I'm now left to try find another way to incorporate the component cable into my set up WITHOUT eliminating HDMI - I have made mention to one product that is dedicated to HDMI (the Canopus) but it is worth twice the price of a new PS3 which kinda eliminates it from my wish list for this year. LOL.. So now Iím interested in seeing if my above idea of HDMI splitting and crossing to component would work.
(Anyone who reads this particular post please read post #4).

If you or anyone else out there knows the answer I would appreciate your reply. Thanks once again for taking the time to reply but I really can't stress this enough. "I'm personally not interested in ways using anything other than HDMI - As everything in my entertainment system uses HDMI and am not willing to revert to any other insuperior cables etc in an attempt to record my gaming."

Many Kind Regards, Trev. (T-BILLIONS)
No hard feelings, I did read your post complete. I myself have a complete HDMI system. But the best solution, IMO would be (assuming you have a receiver like mine, an Onkyo), use the HDMI from the PS3 to the Receiver, then use component outputs from there. No need for a converter of any sort. Perhaps, not sure but just theorizing here, split the components, 1 to the PVR and 1 to the TV, that way you can play while recording. But then again, the PVR has a loop out for the TV anyways.

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