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Either one whould be ok. But I woild try the 320.07 GB HITACHI HTS..........A02 Media first. That is your Hard Drive. And the Macintosh HD is just a partition of your hard drive. The one and only partion. That becomes important when you want to check one partition and not others. But for the time being just repair the entire HD with "320.07 GB HITACHI HTS"

But what you did would be ok too. And glad you got it mostly sorted out.

And for your screen resolution issue you might need to adjust it. Because I would assume it is set at a factory floor setting good for those lights but not so good for the local home or office. In the finder click on the Apple in the top left of the menu bar and select system prefrences from that menu. The click on the displays image that appears and there click on the display and color buttons. Just make sure they are set right for your mac. As in if you have a 13" MBP make sure is it set to 13" MBP or something similar. I'm sorry if I'm dumbing down things too much but better be safe than sorry. And yeah it is important to check. When I got my imac it was set to sRGB-something. And I had to change it to imac. And it was ok.

Also on my imac, should be the same on your MPB of the F1 and F2 keys are 2 little suns. The F1 key lessens the screen brightness and the F2 inscreases it. And as you press these buttons a little onscreen popup will aprear for a second or so. Use those buttons if the screen is a little too bright or dark for your liking.

And by deafult I think the F-keys are set to these functions and fress the fn key + whatever F-key you want and that gets the respective F-key you press to act like and ordaniry F-key like on windows. You can swap this around so it's the reverse if you want to also in the system prefrences too.
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