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I'm using a 13" macbook pro - 2.53 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo - 4 GB 1067 MHz DDR3 - backing up all my data on a time capsule.

I switched in Aug - since then did'nt have any problems.
The original OS was Leopard - i purchased an upgrade DVD to install Snow Leopard.

1. Since last 20 minutes, the display is giving me trouble - all letters seem bold and unclear. When i just move the mouse, the entire screen moves... internet has slowed down ...

2. I backed up - ran verify disk permissions .. and then repair disk permissions.. - there were 2 errors - 1 was repaired - the other was not.
It says "System/library/core services/management/ has been modified and will not be repaired" - i have no idea what it means..

3. I ran verify disk and it says the disk is corrupted and needs to be repaired.

- - i inserted the install dvd - turned on the computer keeping C pressed but i cannot find where to go to get the utilities - repair disk.

i'm really scared because i have to travel tomorrow ..
moreover the install disk is that of leopard ..whereas my current system is S.L

can someone please guide me :-
a. Is it risky if i run repair disk on my own.
b. Do i run a chance of losing all data and need to restore? I'm new to macs and have never tried it before..

I do have Apple Care Protection Plan but the support centre is closed for the day ......

Please if can help, i'd really be v.v.grateful ... many thanks..
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