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Hey guys - I just signed up beacuse this thread is asking a question that I also would love to know the answer too...

I'm in the same boat - wanting to know the same as above.

I'm personaly not interested in ways using anything other than HDMI - As everything in my entertainment system uses HDMI and am not willing to revert to any other insuperior cables etc in an attempt to record my gaming.

From my personal research so far it is very possible to do but very expensive - I have listed it below with a MASSIVE thank you! to ziggyonice in a reply to a thread in macrumors - After hours of research you put my mind to a limited ease by knowing that it is at the very least possible.

To keep you interested this is his sugested set up...

To start with you will need this Canopus Real-Time HDMI-to-HDV Converter However, they probably didn't expect this device to be used for recording a gaming session. And often when using converters, there can be lag when playing games. So for that reason, you'd need to get a HDMI splitter that way you will eliminate the lag issue as you are no longer going into the coverter and back to the T.V. Instead you have a seperate plug for your recording device and the other plug to continue your original path.

Now - Thats awesome if I had the money - And if I have to I will pay it, But on the other hand if there is a more cost efficent way to do it well all the better for everyone - So to anyone with an ear closely place on the screen. Please reply to this guys thread!!! Please...

And again - only HDMI suggestions please not AV, S-VIDEO, etc.... no arguing what system is better PS3 V XBOX or PC v MAC... This thread is asking a specific question that needs a specific answer - Like I've mentioned I've read hours of threads asking this question all with replies dilly dallying around the intended question...

Thanks in anticipation to a reply.

Kind Regards, Trev. (T-BILLIONS)

***Hope it all reads well - this is my first post in here***

OHHH and just incase anyone is interested.
Here is a page from Australian Mac World confiming that it will work in recording PS3 via HDMI.

And this is the cheapest price I was able to find in Australia (for any Aussies out there) New Media
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