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here is what i want to do. I am trying to make a ledger spreadsheet. I want it all on one sheet. there are thirteen categories and 3 bank accounts. i have each category broken into separate sheets at the moment but the wife refuses to use more than 1 sheet. in the picture provided is an example.

let's say that i want to know how much money fun money i have in checking.

the formula i want needs to be able to look at the account column and the category column. sum the amount column where the two columns equal checking and fun.

somewhere on the sheet off to the right i want to be able to put a matrix depicting the 13 categories vertically and the 3 accounts horizontally. this will allow me to look quickly and see how much money in each category is in each account. this is why i need the formula.

i thought of building a truth table, but i felt it was going to be to big.

i was also thinking what if i input onto this main sheet and it was automatically input into the separate category sheet. then i could make the matrix on the main sheet reflect numbers compiled from the category sheet. i do not know how to do this first part.

i am using MS Office for Mac 2004 Ver 11.0

any help or advice is appreciated.
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