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yes, on facebook... I think the temp got up to about 65/70 and that was only browsing/using facebook, no flash running or anything else. But the system was lagging and freezing, which it doesn't usually do at the temp.

I often wonder why my fan doesn't speed up when my machine gets hotter, it just seems to stick where it is and let the heat build??? I tried SMCFANCONTROL which works, but I hate it that it's all very manual, I am giving fancontrol a go too, that seems to do what I would expect the Macbook Pro to do automatically? Any thoughts on that too, or am I asking too much at once?

Now, using Safari and browsing/facebook it seems to tick over at 50/51 C. I wondered whether I needed to do a SMC reset or something or are the MBPs 13" just hot runners?

In summery; facebook on Firefox bumps my heat up 10-20 C higher!! But am curious about fan and heat in general really if anyone has any insight?

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