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I originally purchased the PB 15" for my photo processing requirements (i.e. Photoshop Elements Ver. 3, Canon 20D camera), but was disappointed with the PB's resolution compared to my IBM Thinkpad's display.

Returned the PB to CompUSA, and then fell in love with the iMac 20" G5, which I purchased last week.

I have the iMac set for a screen resolution of 1680x1050, set to turn off smoothing for font sizes 12 and smaller.

Also upgraded my RAM to 2 GB (

With these settings, my screen looks like a HDTV.

Would highly recommend the iMac 20" to anyone.

Originally Posted by stevescivic
does anyone here agree that the ibook and powerbook screens aren't quite as sharp (text wise) as some pc laptops? I was in a store today and saw a toshiba and compaq laptop that had super razor sharp lcd's....

I hope the ibook G5 will be sharper when it hits market one day...
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