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Quite a catchy name for the email program that comes with Snow Leopard - Mail.

I am about to change back to Thunderbird that I know works consistently. I am an Apple newbie but Mail seems to be underdeveloped.

1. To make a new account, it doesn't ask if you want Pop or IMap. It just goes ahead with IMap with no method of changing, either during or later, that I can find. If it finds an IMap server, that is what you are going to get, period. I can find no way of forcing a POP account. My nephew says that this has changed from version 3, where a selection box came up during account building.

2. The mailboxes are named for the service being used. i.e. Gmail, Gmail2, Hotmail and so forth. There is a menu item for renaming them, but it is grayed out and I have discovered no way to enable it.

3. The docs that I link to at Apple are dated 2004 and in no way match. I am sure that the 2010 docs are there somewhere, but the HELP menu should find them without me googling around.

4. If the service you are trying to get to doesn't support IMap, it will eventually error out and allow you to select POP, but it labels the account as IMap forevermore.

Don't care for it at this point.
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