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Okay, so, I'm freaking out.

I download limewire, download files. It makes my computer really slow and I read more about it and realize what a bad idea it is, so I want to uninstall it. I'm going to do that, when I can't open the application. It is running, but I can't get any limewire windows to open, or for it to display as being active. So I try to force quit, and it won't. It just won't. I force quit, and the force quit eventually times out. I've tried restarting: it won't, since limewire WONT QUIT. I even took out the battery and replaced it and still, it would NOT restart.

I can't get it to quit. . I don't want to fileshare, I want limewire to quit so I can GET IT THE **** OFF MY COMPUTER.

I'm on a macbook. Any help guys? please?
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