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Hi there!
As the title suggests, two weeks ago i purchased a beautiful new MBP and am completely new to this forum!
I am now fairly well versed with Mac OS and only have two questions;

I believe new MacBook's and MacBook Pro's come with a lithium polymer battery, that doesn't need the full discharge/charge cycle that old lithium ion needed to keep good health, so am I correct in thinking that I'm safe to use 20% or so of the batter then charge from there?

My other curiosity is that I leave my Mac plugged in whenever I'm at my desk, leaving the MagSafe charger in over night and at regular intervals throughout the day when I'm not there with the machine in sleep mode, is this good for the battery or would it be better for me to shut down the machine and unplug the charger every time I'm away? The reason i don't want to leave it in sleep mode but unplugged for longer periods of time is to keep the battery cycles down.

Thank you in advance for your invaluable advice and any other tips for a Mac newbie would be much appreciated!
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