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ok. this is the thing. i was trying to install one of the login window mods i got from first, i made a copy of the login wondow package. But part way through i decided that i would just leave it how it was so i replaced the one i was woking on with the copy i made. when i loged out it brought me to a black screen which stated the following.

Darwin/bsd (TOAST.local.)(console)

* then i type my user name in* Password:
* then i type my password* Last Login Wed Sep 24 22:51:42 on console
Welcome to Darwin!

I have tryed restarting, zap pram, safe restart, option( to start up in os9.2)
and noe of these worked. help plz.

what do i do to get to my desk top so i can change back what i did?
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