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I'm fairly new to the world of Mac (15+ years of PC frustration has made me a happy convert).

Here's my issue.

I'd like to send a fax from my 15" Macbook Pro. I do NOT have a land line in my home. I only have my iPhone as a means of "dialing out."

I know that I can use one of the MANY MANY online fax services to send an outgoing fax. The problem that I have with that idea is one of security. I'm trying to conduct some banking and my bank ONLY allows faxed signature. No email accepted.

I'm quite hesitant to use an online service to send the fax and it has ALL of my bank account numbers on the document and that seems risky to me (to put that information into someone else's hands).

Is there some combination of hardware (my MacBook Pro and my jailbroken iPhone) and software that would allow me to dial out myself and send a fax from my Mac?

I'm simply trying to keep my banking info confidential and NOT use some 3rd party to send the outgoing fax for me.

I noticed several apps for the iPhone as well that will send outgoing faxes, but they all seem to require 3rd party intervention as well.

Any and all suggestions welcome!!


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