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Pretty much what the title says.

I have a 1GB (1.5 hr) mp4 file that I need to save as smaller parts. Actually 4 parts, I know the title says "half".

I have Final Cut Studio...and I am a noob with it. I've exported several times in the past, but it was always to specific formats or codecs that people have requested. Many times it was simply to upload to youtube, so it was easy.

I can figure out a way to make this work, but it certainly can't be the best. It either ends up creating a file half the size of the original, even though I cut up and exported a clip 1/4 of the total time, or it takes 20 minutes to create the file. Shouldn't it be able to QUICKLY save a section of the video since I don't want to change ANY of the settings? Just break it into parts?

Gotta be a faster way...

I have to upload this video to a site that requires file size of less than 300 MB.

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