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About a year ago my Vaio turned into the slowest piece of slowness I've ever encountered, so I put in another 2GB of RAM, so now it's got 4GB memory. Now, I'm getting a unibody MacBook with 2GB RAM. My question is: should I get more RAM for it? I don't plan on doing anything too intensive with it (no 3D modelling or anything crazy like that) so do you reckon it's worth it or will it run alright without it?

Also, Apple charges extortionate silly prices for extra RAM so I would never buy it from them, but what brands that you've tried would you recommend? One last thing: it was super-easy to just unscrew the bottom of my Vaio and put the RAM in it; how easy is it to do with a MacBook? Would I need to get a pro to do it for me?
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