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Originally Posted by Murlyn
I love phpMyAdmin, but in my experience it seems that most beginners want something even more guified, so try downloading a program called CocoaMySQL from

PHP is definitely the best web scripting language out there, and of course there will be people that disagree, but it definitely is the most widely used and it's user base continues increasing. Dreamweaver has a bit of support for PHP, so you should be good to go there.
Okay, now that I've got all these gadgets installed on my computer, I've realized that PHP is not just a technology but also a language! (like I said, I'm an idiot!) Anyway, so now I'd like to learn this language, just as I've learned HTTP and AppleScript. Can anyone suggest a good book for this? I've been looking around the web, but theres a lot out there. (If the book is directed at MAc users, even better.)Thanks!!

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