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Originally Posted by Murlyn
I can access the net with my AT&T wireless cell.. it has bluetooth so I just connect through Bluetooth to my computer and then my computer uses that connection to dial up to AT&T.. it's pretty kewl, but expensive.. so I've only done it once and I wouldnt recommend it on a regular basis
Wow, sounds pretty cool! I was hoping to figure out how to set up my cell with my PowerBook to connect to the net for only a few minutes to check email,etc while on the road or away from home. I deffinately don't plan on using it on a regular basis. I am curious though, to find out exactly how the AirPort Extreme card works? From my understanding, if I use the AP Extreme card at home, I would have to purchase the AirPort Extreme Base Station correct? The only other time the AP Extreme card would be of use to me would be if I was at a Starbucks or something like that right? I was looking into purchasing the AP Extreme card at the same time as the PB, but if this is the case I guess I could be without it for now if I plan to connect to the net mostly from home.
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