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So, you can buy games from the Wii shop or online channels(not clear on the differences) and store them on your SD card. But to play them, you'd have to transfer the game to the Wii's internal storage. Right? And if you need to free up space, you can always transfer the game back off the Wii and onto the SD card?
Yes. The same for game saves too. As they are a seperate file to the games themselves.

Wait a second I just am on the Nintendo Australia website and it says this:

"Wii System Menu 3.4 or earlier: When you're ready to use that program at a later time, you can copy it back from the SD Card to your Wii. Be sure to copy the Wii Channel back over to the Wii when you wish to use it again; simply having the SD Card inserted will not allow it to be used.

Wii System Menu 4.0: Adds the ability to download Virtual Console and WiiWare games directly to the SD card from the Wii Shop Channel, and play them directly from the card. Though the Wii doesn't actually play it directly from SD-card. It rather copies it to the internal 512MB NAND-Flash before execution and deletes it automatically when loading a different game from the SD card"

Roughly, how many games will the internal storage hold? I ask because I would DEFINITELY be purchasing Super Mario Bros. 1-3 and at least a few other older games.
Well here are soem calculations for you in number of blocks.

Fresh wii (only inital system and channels on it from Wii purchase) - 2100 blocks roughly

Vurtial Console (or classic system games)

NES, Master System, and C64 games: between 10 and 40 blocks each
SNES, Genesis, and TG-16 games: between 30 and 90 blocks each
Neo Geo games: between 100 and 200 blocks each
N64 and TG-16-CD games: between 200 and 300 blocks each

This is not including the game save files. Just the games themselves. But the save files are usually really small. Just a few blocks each save file.

Wiiware (or new games made specifically for the Wii online store)
50-300 blocks per game. It just depends oneach one as the games themselves are all quite different in size and quality.

Wii Channels
Various between 1-300 blocks each. But most are like less than 50 each.

But with the Wii System Menu 4.0 it seems best to keep all you channels and game saves on the Wii itself and all you virtual console and wiiware games in the SD card and run them from there.

And if you do end up getting a Wii just have a look at the wiishop online the Wii before you even buy any Wiipoints (or whatever they are called) so you can get a feel for the prices of the games you want and their exact sizes.

What if I just use the built-in wireless feature of the Wii to connect to my router when using the channels and store? Is that any better or faster than using my MBP? Seems like it would be less complicated and fewer steps.
Yes you can do that. But then you have to make sure the wireless router connects to the Wii itself. Is it easier/better? I dunno. My router is a wired one and I had to use my imac's airport to connect to the Wii. But a wireless router directly should be just fine too.

Doesn't sound like the web browsing feature is very appealing so I prob wouldn't use the Wii for that.
It's not. Stick to the Mac for your surfing

And last note. You can play NES games with the wiimote. But for other games bought from the wii online shop you need a wii classic controller or a gamecube controller to play them. I would have a look at both to bee which is better for you cost wise and the feel in your hand. The classic controller still uses wiimote batteries as it plugs into the wiimote. But the Gamecube controller plugs directly into the wii and needs no batteries while in use.

Personally if you are looking for playing Gamecube games on the Wii too, just get a gamecube controller and it with the included wiimote/nunchuck will play everything. And no need for any extra expence.


And to explain something you were not too sure about.

"Wii shop or online channels(not clear on the differences)"
The Wii shop is just one of the many wii channels. For all sorts of verious things. They are each channel like a mini app for the wii that does a different thing. And yes you use the Wiishop channel to buy the online games.
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