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Originally Posted by the8thark View Post
As said above. "The Wii has 512 MB of internal storage. Only option for expansion (outside of modding) is adding an SD or SDHC card". But as far as I know the external storage is storage only. You have to transfer bought games from the online shop and channels to the Wii before you can use them.
So, you can buy games from the Wii shop or online channels(not clear on the differences) and store them on your SD card. But to play them, you'd have to transfer the game to the Wii's internal storage. Right? And if you need to free up space, you can always transfer the game back off the Wii and onto the SD card?

[QUOTE]But the Wii uses blocks instead on MB to say it's space left. But still it's an ok way to know how much space you have left.[QUOTE]

Roughly, how many games will the internal storage hold? I ask because I would DEFINITELY be purchasing Super Mario Bros. 1-3 and at least a few other older games.

And I think the best day is to use the Mac's wireless airport to link to the Mac. So your internet signal goes through your router/moden into your computer as usual. Then from your computer using airport (when set up) to send it to your Wii wirelessly. It works very well for me. I would suggest you don't do any other downloading when connected to the Wii this way. It's not the fastest connection in the world. And yes you can encrypt this airport signal to your Wii too so no one can steal your bandwidth while you are suring the Wii.
What if I just use the built-in wireless feature of the Wii to connect to my router when using the channels and store? Is that any better or faster than using my MBP? Seems like it would be less complicated and fewer steps.

No. Thay are individual machine specific.
Well, that sucks!

Doesn't sound like the web browsing feature is very appealing so I prob wouldn't use the Wii for that.
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