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Did someone say "Bowling"?
Yes. It's on the little fun pack that comes with every new Wii purchased. This funpack mind you is not a fully fleged game but something fun for a few hours. Better than nothing I guess.

So, I'm wondering what sort of internal storage does the current Wii system come stock with? I.E. how many GB?
As said above. "The Wii has 512 MB of internal storage. Only option for expansion (outside of modding) is adding an SD or SDHC card". But as far as I know the external storage is storage only. You have to transfer bought games from the online shop and channels to the Wii before you can use them.

But the Wii uses blocks instead on MB to say it's space left. But still it's an ok way to know how much space you have left.

Also, what is the typical price of games that you can purchase from the online store? I know you prepay for "points" to purchase games.
In Australia the points sell for 2000 points for $30 roughly. Varies from store to store or if you buy directly on the Wii with a credit card. And retro games (N64, SNES and NES + sone old sgea ones) range in price from 200-1000 points each. And original games (made especially for the online Wii shop) sell 500-1500 points approx.

Is every game available in a store also available for purchase directly to the Wii (or SD card)?
No. You have the Wii games you buy in store as you know and come on a DVD. They you have to buy on disc as with other gaming machines. The content on it's online store is different and only available there.

Can you purchase or rent movies too? How much do these generally cost? Are there a lot of titles available?
No. The Wii does not play movies. You need your Mac or dvd player for that.

Is it very easy for your modems/routers to detect the Wii?
Yes. It is a little tricky at first but if you look online for a guide it is rather straight forward to set it up. And I think the best day is to use the Mac's wireless airport to link to the Mac. So your internet signal goes through your router/moden into your computer as usual. Then from your computer using airport (when set up) to send it to your Wii wirelessly. It works very well for me. I would suggest you don't do any other downloading when connected to the Wii this way. It's not the fastest connection in the world. And yes you can encrypt this airport signal to your Wii too so no one can steal your bandwidth while you are suring the Wii.

If I was to purchase a game or movie and store it on an SD card, could I take that card to my brother's house and use it on his Wii? Or are they system-specific?
No. Thay are individual machine specific.

Any comments on using the web browser via Opera on the Wii?
It works well. And is good enough for doing basic things like reading web pages. But it's hampered because the keyboard you use is just like the iphone one. It pops up on screen when you need it. And you have to zap each letter on the screen with the wiimote. So it's a really slow process to type anything in bar a few letters. So it's not bad overall but best stick to web surfing on your Mac.

Thanks for reading all my questions!
Thank you for asking them.

And yes the new WiiHD (the rumoured name) is to be released in 2010 or 2011 depending on who you ask.

And also you can play old Gamecube games on your Wii too. Or buy them if you want. As there is quite a few good Gamecube games in my opinion. But you need a Gamecube controller to play them. And a Gamecube memory card to same anything for most Gamecube games. And these memory cards come in 59, 215 and 1019 block versions. All this is official nintendo products. And for me 1 x the 251 card is enough for most of your needs. It fits my needs jsut fine with room to spare. And as usual if the official Nintendo stock is hard to get a hold of, there is 3rd party stuff that works also. How good it works I dunno, pot luck I guess.

Just remember to check every so often for a new system update for the Wii if you ever get one. I know one release included an update to allow SDHC cards to work. So best to check. But all game bought Wii game discs have a version of the system software on it and it will install it when you try to play the game if you need to. It might not be the latest but it'll be enough to play the game you just bought. This I think is for the folk who do not have an internet connection at home.

And with the Wii store you can buy new and old games including all the old Mario Bros games too. But the only catch is the internal HD in the wii is pretty small. The only negative thing I have to say about the Wii. Otherwise I love it. Sure it will not be filled overnight but Wii game saves from quite a few games and purchased download content and it'll eventually fill up. Took me a couple of years but mileage varies between each person. And you'll get to a point where you'll run out of free space. But I think the WiiHD (or Wii1.5 or Wii2 all different rumoured names) will fix the issue with a larger HD.
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