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I'm setting up the OS X Mail application tonight on my new iMac. I had been using Eudora 7.1 on Windows Vista. After setting up the email accounts, I imported the Eudora mailboxes from the Windows machine via my home network into Mail. All that worked just fine.

Since I want my mailboxes to appear under "On My Mac" and not under "Import" I began moving the imported messages from the imported mailboxes to newly created mailboxes. I did this by selecting "All", then marking all "Read", then grabbing the entire highlighted list and moving it to the other mailbox. All went fine until about half-way through and all of a sudden right after I had highlighted and marked as read all the messages in a mailbox ...

the entire highlighted list started flashing at me very rapidly and insistently for about 10 seconds, kind of like....

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 BOOM!! .... then it stopped

What the heck was THAT all about!?!?

Was I being some kind of a bad boy?

Sorry, I did search both Mac help and the forum.....nada.

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