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For your issue ( protecting the data of a small office ) I suggest not to jump on the technology immediately.
TM, TC, SuperDuper! are just tools that you can use to address a specific issue.

Take a step back and identify what exactly is your ' problem space ' .
A backup solution is only successful if you ...
a) can restore the data within the agreed time frame
b) can restore data with the agreed level of data loss.
c) define the scenario's that are likely to make data not usable
( Hardware failure, data deletion, data corruption, theft, fire, a strike, the swine flu, a disgruntled sys admin, ..... )
d) know how much money your company wants to spend on backups.

TM and TC are great tools and are automated, very useful to quickly restore a previous version of a file.
TM backups are not bootable, so if one of your 8 Mac's fail on hardware, you are looking at a complete install of the OS and then restore data from TM.
To prevent the complete re-install of a Mac, SuperDuper! can help, because you can have bootable backups ( a clone ) of each Mac.

How do you take your data off-site to securely store it ? It is easier to store tape media off-site than hard disks. ( Don't forget to store a copy of your backup application as well .... you need to be able to restore the data :-)

There are so many responses to backup requirements, but don't focus on the technology without answering the basic questions above ( and in my previous post ) I have seen this go wrong on so many occasions.

Cheers ... McBie

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