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bluefox9er can only hope to improve

bluefox9er is offline there any way of going back before an update was installed and applied on my imac?

I am asking because my imac simply refuses to recognise my cam corder connected by fire wire, but on my brother's imac ( he hasn't downloaded the latest system software update yet) the imovies recognises the cam corder right away!

I'm thinking if I 'go back in time' so to speak, then maybe my mac will recognise my cam corder and allow me to import the contents of the minidv tape in side?

Both my brother and I have the new 27' imacs, mine is a quadcore, his isn't yet his recognises the cam corder and happily imports the tape inside whereas mine won't even recognise the cam corder as an attached device.

I believe I updated a couple of years ago, my version is Mac OS X V 10.6.2

thanks in advance!
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