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Hi all,

I have what seems a very easy problem to fix, and yet have been unable to fix it. Forgive me, I know it is a most mundane problem but I simply cannot overcome it with my knowledge of word and have exhausted every approach I can think of.

When using word (home & student edition) for the longest time it worked as it should, documents opened as US Letter size (i believe 8.50 by 11) ... then the other day I opened a document I had made years ago which I had formatted with my PC to resemble a paperback book size, roughly 4" by 6.5".

For some reason there was no way for me to simply edit the paper size of that document to the default US Letter size, and the only way I found that I could get the text from the paperback style page to a standard document page was to have a standard document page open already, with text on it, then copy and paste from the other. This seemed like a whole-heartedly round-a-bout pointless and time consuming way to do things, but page setup didn't alter a darned thing and nothing under the format did a shade better either.

Now, since forcing that to have worked, I am stuck somehow with word opening all new documents in the paperback page style, that is every time i press (apple + n) a new blank document opens as a page size of roughly 4" by 6.5" ... and changing the page setup, the format or anything can get a new document to open as the default, standard, US Letter size I want.

I am currently thinking now of uninstalling and reinstalling, but haven't done so yet as I have a great many word documents on my machine that cannot be erased, and I fear uninstalling word (if that is what needs to be done) will erase them.

Any help that can be offered would be greatly appreciated. It is such a simple thing for me not to be able to do, I understanding changing a page layout and size is among the first things anyone using word learns how to do, but for the life of me I cannot change my page size at all. Period. No matter what I try.

I thank anyone who knows more than I and can help.

Happy holidays,

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