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Thanks for the help. I followed Apple's directions and went into the firewall settings to open up the ports for iChat. I havn't been able to test this yet, as my friend who is set up w/ a camera and microphone hasn't been online since I've done this.

One quick question though. He never got the invites from me for an audio and/or video chat. Would this have been blocked by the firewall? He can recieve other type invitations. When I'd chat w/ him on pc, he could recieve invitations for say, a buddy chat or that kind of thing.

I am currently away from home and am connected by ethernet to a Direcway sattelite internet modem. (when I'm home, I'm on wifi through a router w/ verizon DSL). He may or may not be on a wifi setup, but he also has DSL, so its being run through a router somehow. The apple site didn't really say what ports he, on a pc, would have to have opened up. Does anybody have any idea what these would be, or what settings he would have to change?

I have given up on the idea of linked screen names for the Mac, I've been online with two of my three names by using iChat and AIM. Maybe I'll download a 3rd software program later. I'm not in a huge hurry, as I can't use my webcam, as it is too old. The software that came with it (which must run in the OS 9 environment) just installed an Adobe Photoshop plugin w/ no drivers or anything. and when I install the photo editing software that came w/ it (I do have the entire Adobe Creative Suite, so this wasn't all that necessary), I get the message that there is an error with the installer. So, until I can find soem sort of Mac drivers for my cam (or buy another one)m I can't do vid chat anyways (although audio would still be nice).

By the way, I really love how my Powerbook starts announcing error messages with "it's not my fault!" Now, if they can only get those voices to sound a bit more lifelike, it will be really funny!
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