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Originally Posted by kjm

1) Do you know by any chance what the specific cable/adapter that would be? I've seen a few that seemed similar.

2) okie dokie

3) So the airport extreme card would only be useful if say I was at home using dsl or at starbucks? I read somewhere that with the right cables I could use my Sprint cell and connect? (something different)

4) awesome! It wouldn't void any type of warranty if they opened it up to add the extras would it? Also, if I upgraded the hard drive to 60gb would I be allowed to keep both the 40gb and 60gb hard drives?

My apologies for all the questions. I'm trying to do as much research on the PowerBook before purchasing my first Apple laptop
1. No idea, if you use a multimedia projector with standard VGA input, there is a DVI to VGA adaptor included.

3. It can be done, im not sure how, I havent tried to hook my sprint phone to my powerbook as of yet.

4. It doesnt void any warranty as long as apple is the one opening it up and adding the extras. Unfortunately, when you pay for the upgraded hard drive when you buy it, you are paying the difference in price, not for an additional hard drive, so you only get the 60.

No problem, research is good especially when making an investment like this.
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