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Tomorrow for my Web Design mid term exam, I chose to edit a photo (do not ask me why it's in Web Design, but whatever

I decided to choose the YouTube logo, and change that around. At the moment, I am removing the white space that surrounds the logo, and I was wanting to do a reflection and fool around with some lighting effects.

But I am looking into something more detailed, to go along with what I have in mind. Since I do not have much experience in Photoshop doing cool little tricks, maybe some of you could help pitch me some ideas of what to do to this logo.

You won't need to explain the procedure (although you can if you want to or need to), I can look that up, but I will need some explanation of what your idea is so I can start somewhere.

The photo I pulled from Google Images has a resolution fit for a desktop background, so the lettering can be enlarged without becoming blurry. I am removing the white space from the logo, so mainly ideas that revolve around the background, lighting, effects, coloring, and adding particles would best fit this project.

I am open to any ideas, so throw em' all out there!

Thank you all in advance

This is just a general mock up of what I am aiming for. Gradient background, reflection, and shadow under the object.

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