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Originally Posted by beyond View Post
I want to install XP on my mac book pro 17" but I don't get what is meant by making sure you get the correct version of bootcamp?

How do copies of XP run on bootcamp? Does it matter if it's SP1, 2 or 3? Because eventually once Windows is installed, I'll be able to download updates for those right?

Also I was told by a friend who works for Apple that

Boot Camp - which boots from start up is best for performance e.g games, which is mainly what I'm looking to install it for.

Parrallel/VMWare - opens in Snow Leopard but isn't as 'good' performance but is open for just small applications right? I would like to use this for stuff like Sopcast (streaming sports), so it will not be resource intensive.

However, he said, it's better to only run one OR the other, as the whole process of dealing with the partitions, virtual box will put a lot of pressure on the CPU? Also say I have bootcamp, do I have to install Windows in Parrallel/VMWare?
Just use the copy of bootcamp that is on your computer already.

You can use any Service Pack and upgrade like normal.

Parrellel/VMWare is fine for Sopcast and pretty much anything except games and stuff like video editing. Basically anything that needs a lot of power/memory you should run under bootcamp.

You dont need Parrellel/VMWare if you have Windows running under bootcamp. You can have Windows running virtual under OSX as well, if you want. In that case you will have two copies of Windows (with twice the maintenance).
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