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So, I was given an iBook G4 1.42ghz, with the integrated airport card, by a girl and was told that if I fix it, I get to keep it. Knowing about the iBook problem, I took it anyway to see if I could fix it. I've looked everywhere to find a way to solve my problem, thinking its specific, and I'm determined to figure out why it's broken.

The girl talked about how every once in a while, the screen would flicker some lines across the screen during use, but said it only happened when she was moving the iBook around. So, I'm thinking the LCD display cable finally gave out. But, she claimed that she couldn't even boot up anymore, which made me swallow hard.

I've done many things to try and see if it's the graphics giving out and I....I really can't put my finger on it. What I've discovered is:

- When I turn on the iBook, it chimes, but the backlight takes about 3-4 seconds after the chime to turn on. It'll turn on for a second, do a slow flicker, and then back on again. Completely white screen, no "?" logo, nothing, just white. The hard drive spins up, but putting my ear to it, it doesn't sound like its doing anything but spinning.

- If I plug in an external display while booting, it won't be detected. (keep reading)

- I can't seem to put the iBook into Target mode, or at least, my Macbook Pro won't detect the iBook when I hold the "T" button.

- I've reset the NVRAM and PRAM and PMU to no success.

- I've opened up the iBook and reseated all the cables to the display. Still nothing.

So, being the curious person I am, I burnt an Ubuntu 6.10 live cd, because the girl wanted her information back, if I could get it, so I tried to boot from the cd. And, I was a little surprised what happened.

- The iBook actually booted from the CD, but the display stayed white. I know it booted because if I waited long enough, the Ubuntu startup music would play.

- If I plug in an external monitor while booting off the CD, the iBook detects it and mirrors the white screen my LCD is showing!!!!

UGH! So, I really can't tell what the problem is. I'm thinking its the graphics because the LCD and external show the same thing. I tried pressing down everywhere on the logic board, but nothing budged or did anything. I tried to find the one component that people said needs to be resoldered but can't find it.

Ideas anyone? I'm getting desperate!
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