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O.k so i bought my MBP since i travel all over the world with work and wanted a sturdier more reliable laptop, so far so good, everything is fine and i love my mac, its awesome.
Problem is my job. Like i say, a lot of time traveling so never get to use my PS3 or 360 any more. This made me check out games available on mac.... not many eh?

So what i a was hoping is that someone could tell me in laymans terms, if i install windows vista or windows 7 on my 13" 2.2ghz intel core 2 duo, 2GB 1067MHz DDR3 how much of my general performance will be affected (while using it as a mac) and how realistically well i can expect to play games using the windows. I know upgrading my ram or whatever will help but if there is no need then obviously i wont.

Spare me any lectures about "a mac shouldnt be used windows" etc, its only for offline gaming to pass the time i spend bored to tears at work

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