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Originally Posted by Newmaccer View Post
I used ripit and it gave me a .dvdmedia file. I found that you can change the extension to .avi and it will create a folder with a Video-TS folder in it. When I try to add the Video-TS folder into Toast though it gives me an error message saying "The source VIDEO-TS FOLDER appears to be damaged". Can someone please explain how to successfully burn a .dvdmedia file?

Thanks very much.
Originally Posted by philly View Post
i've been wanting to know the answer for this aswell..
please let me know if someone answers it
thanks ..
Right click on the .dvdmedia file and select 'Show Contents' and it should open a window that shows the Video_TS folder. Just drag and drop this folder into Toast. Make sure 'Video_TS Folders' is selected under the video tab.

Hope this helps!

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