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Hi there,

A few options as i see it...Firstly,

It depends entirely on what you wish to do remotely - if your intention is to just access the network share then i would consider using the free options of 'Logmein' or PCAnywhere - both of these will allow you to access your drive over any browser (securely)and 'manage' your network...both of these options work with either PCs or Macs...

If you are wanting to access the network share and D/L/stream media to where you are remotely - Mrplow's and Falcontook's suggestions would work with no problems, although require configuration within your router and subscribing to a DynamicDNS vendor to achieve.

You could setup one of your PCs as a public facing 'server', which you could access remotely and literally 'do what you want with' but if you go with this option, a strong firewall will be required as that PC essentially acts as gateway into your private network...and we all know how vulnerable PCs are...

VPN is an option, but you can also use legacy RDP protocols on XP to access your networked PCs/Macs - again, this will require configuration on your router and the correct port forwarding rules being applied to achieved.

As i say, depends what you want to do really?

Ultimately, the safest option is to just take a drive with you wherever you go and PNP - but let's face it, that's archaic nowadays!
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