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I tested it with a SMART utility - it seems some of the sectors are faulty

So a couple of examples of computers:

1. Last week my neighbour had a problem with her computer. It is a Dell, about 5 or 6 years old. The hard drive has failed. So £40 or so for a new hard drive, a couple of hours to reinstall and copy back the data and they are as good as new.

2. Two years ago I bought an iMac. This cost several times what she paid for her old Dell. Already the hard disk is faulty. Unfortunately of course, the iMac is a sealed unit, so I have a £900 doorstop with a cheap and shoddy hard drive.

I can't afford to waste over a thousand pounds on a new iMac (however tempting they look) every two years when I can upgrade every component in a PC when required - for half the cost.

Sadly, it seems I am on my way back to Windows7. A real shame as the Mac is far superior - until it wears out
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