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something else may be wrong other than the battery.

Do you have access to another adapter? I cant imagine the port on the computer could go bad since its a magnet so I couldn't imagine any solder points breaking like with PC laptops.

I would venture to guess that maybe the end of the cable is damaged from flexing a lot and it doesn't form a solid connection, anything change if you wiggle the end attached to the laptop? any patterns in connection/disconnection? Do any parts of the cable, primarily the ends somewhere look physically worn?

I dont think that the mAh are low enough to be too serious.

If you dont have access to another adapter I would just go to a starbucks or something and ask someone if you can use their adapter for a minute, and offer to do it right in front of them.

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I have a feeling its the charger because it seems if i move it or rest is a certain way it changes to "not charging" but i dont know for sure if that is what makes it change.
funny we both posted the same concern at pretty much the same time.

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