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This was extremely frustrating for me as well. I have two Macs in the house, a Mini and MacBook. The Mini had no problems, but the MacBook I was about ready to toss out the window. I was able to fix it just a few days ago (waited to post just to make sure that it was indeed fixed).

My Setup:
My primary DNS is running BIND on a Fedora 11 box, and I'd previously had my internet router as a secondary DNS. Both being pushed out via DHCP from that same Fedora 11 box.

On a whim I removed the internet router as a secondary DNS, so that I only had my BIND DNS from the Fedora 11 box being pushed out via DHCP. That seems to have done the trick.

I don't know the ultimate root cause, or if this solution may work for anyone else, but figured I'd pass it along for anyone else that landed here.

Good luck!
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