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Originally Posted by Kokopelli
Based upon the description he is not mounting or writing to an NTFS volume. He is connecting to an SMB share on a Windows machine. So the Mac is communicating with Windows using SMB then Windows is saving the data to NTFS. The Mac is not reading and writing from the NTFS volume.
Now if you are using an external drive formatted in NTFS and can connect in read/write mode that is something different and not possible as far as I know with stock OS X.
Ok i admit to being a computer idiot, but if i can sit at my Mac and transfer files to the wife's Mac and read and send files to my pc, delete files and all how is that not reading and writing? Sounds like a case of semantics to me for in real life the files i send get writen to the ntfs hard drive, and files i tell it to delete get deleted. What your saying then is i don't actually physically write the files to the drive, i just send the information and the windows machine does the actual writing, is this correct?

I never said anything about an external ntfs drive, my pc has two internal hard drives both ntfs formated and accessable by both my pm g5 and the wifes iMac g5 through a lan and all three share internet through a router. I do have an external drive that is used by both Mac and pc and it is fat32.

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