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I recently got a liquid damaged macbook pro 13 unibody a1278 at a very cheap price. I've never been a mac user ever in my life and purely a pc user. But I always like to fix electronic things and bought it because it was really really cheap thinking I could fix it myself.

I'm guessing the damage is about 1-2 months old. Not sure what kind of liquid damaged it. Upon receiving it from the looks of it. I cannot see any type of liquid residue on the surface itself and is in mint condition. I opened up the macbook to check the logic board. I can see that there's white residue(didn't smell like juice/ I'm guessing its water) along circuit connections and it doesn't look like it has gone into other areas(superdrive, HDD, battery) of the macbook. So I've inquired and visited one local repair services. One guy is apple certified and other is not.

They said:
1. 80% of the logic board can be recovered but no guarantees. $100-150
2. Replace the logic board. $500-800

My questions:
1. If I purchase the A1278 logic board from and replace it... will it alone help this problem to restart the macbook?
2. Can I take out the HDD and put it in my dell laptop to see if the HDD still works?
3. Will I have to replace the RAM and processor because of liquid damage?
4. The HDD.. if I do take it out and format works fine can I put it back into the macbook and reinstall osx?
5. The keyboard doesn't seem to have any liquid residue either..but its actually the only logical place for any liquid to enter from the top that is.
6. Lastly...why is the type of liquid important in liquid damages? ex: is water damage better than juices/coffee damage?
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