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I am currently returning to Mac after a hiatus of 8 years. I was looking to purchase an iBook G4 that was offered to me hours ago. I was wondering if the system I will be purchasing can run smooth and if it can run games(mvp 2004/5, Madden 05, half life etc...) well. I might have more questions once I purchase the system.

Here are the specs

Processor 1.07GHz PowerPC G4

Memory (DDR SDRAM) 256MB PC2100 (266MHz)

Hard drive 30GB ATA/100 4200 rpm

Optical drive Slot-Load Combo Drive (DVD/CD-RW)

Display 12.1-inch (diagonal) TFT XGA

Graphics support ATI Mobility Radeon 9200 with 32MB of DDR SDRAM

FireWire One FireWire 400 port at up to 400 Mbps

USB Two USB 2.0 ports at up to 480 Mbps each

Modem Built-in 56K V.92 modem

Ethernet Built-in 10/100BASE-T Ethernet

System software Mac OS X version 10.3 Panther

Software Mac OS X, Classic environment, Mail, iChat AV, Safari, Sherlock, Address Book, QuickTime, iLife (includes iTunes, iPhoto, iMovie, iDVD, GarageBand), iSync, iCal, DVD Player, AppleWorks, Mac OS X Chess, Microsoft Internet Explorer, EarthLink, Quicken 2005 for Mac, World Book 2004 Edition, Nanosaur 2, Marble Blast Gold, Microsoft Office 2004 for Mac Test Drive, Zinio Reader, Apple Hardware Test

Hardware accessories Apple VGA Display Adapter, modem cable, power adapter, AC wall plug, power cord, lithium-ion battery
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