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Macbooks and iMacs use essentially the same laptop components, so a Macbook with external display/external keyboard/mouse (which is exactly how I work with my Macbook) would be just as powerful as an iMac AND you can unhook and hit the road.

Lots of people do just that. About the only thing that would be an advantage from a graphics designer perspective would be the 27" iMac. So for screen size a Macbook/external would be a small compromise, but otherwise would work very well.

Most graphic designers (myself as well when I'm working Photoshop for my photography) have the work in the big external screen, and the palettes/tools in the Macbook's screen. Mine is arranged vertically, but if you have the desk space horizontally works rather well. Also Macbooks are basically plug-in-external-and-it-works with no need to mess with drivers etc.
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