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I took a class over the summer in which i spent three weeks intensely learning c++. I was surprised how much i got down in that time and wanted to take that knowledge home with me. I am a mac guy. The first thing i did when i came home was to sit down at X-code and try to re-apply what i had learned. Then the reality of what i learned hit me- I had a patchy knowledge of c++ and no way to move pass applications off of terminal or other consoles. I knew i needed to take the next step so i bought/ and or downloaded multiple mac programming books such as- Learn C on the mac, Learn Objective c on the mac, Learn Ruby with Cocoa, Cocoa something by aaron hillgrass, OOP Demystified, C in easy steps, C++ in easy steps. I have all of these books and i want to move on to eventually mac osx programming and iPhone developing. My question for all of you mac people is where i should take my next step? Should i try to fill the patches in my c++ knowledge and once i have that done take a stab at cocoa and objective-c or do i jump right into cocoa and objective C. Either way once i do take a stab at objective c and cocoa what would be the best way of doing it? Should i read Learn Objective-C on the mac cover to cover and then try to find some cocoa book? I am lost in a sea of computer programming knowledge and i would love some direction. If anyone who is familiar with this subject and has any suggestions i would gladly appreciate them.

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PS. I know its a funny name
PSS. I am running snow leopard on a macbook pro
PSSS. I have X-code 3. whatever is the newest and iPhone SDK. I have been able to build some c++ command line apps with x-code so i kinda know how to use it.
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