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I TOTALLY AGREE! I bought my 13" MBP with very humble needs, and have discovered so much more from it, and it has totally been worth the extra cash! I am no expert on RAM and such, but the person who consulted me and led me to Apple assured me upgraded RAM and hard-drive makes a difference in the long-term enjoyment and performance of the lap-top.
That's the thing though, the 13" MBP has the same RAM (2GB) as the MB, and actually has a smaller hard drive. So wouldn't upgrading the RAM on the MB make it better than the MBP? I just don't understand why, if I upgrade the MB, it's not as good or better than the MBP? Everyone just seems to say MBP is just better but (other than the body, firewire) I just don't get why! Maybe it's just a feeling you get Thanks for everyone's help!
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