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Thanks for the input ticedoff8. I totally agree that it's frustrating. I bought my iMac hoping that I'd have the ultimate end to end solution for my computing needs, and that all the solutions would be simple enough for my wife to get the hang of. The reality seems to be that unless you own everything Apple, that solution becomes increasingly difficult. If my wife and I used Macs remotely (our companies both issue Lenovos), then MobileMe would be easy enough to use for remotely accessing files off the iMac, and then I wouldn't even care about the NAS, but MobileMe doesn't support PC for remote access, so now I'm spending hours every night trying to get my end to end solution working.

I honestly like a lot of the iPhoto features, and I think it's a great application, but it would be nice to turn off the feature that tries to date everything and store the photos according to date. I can only imagine when I start scanning photos what fun that will be to get it to use the correct.
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